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Trips from year 2010

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Tour to Mali: trip from Niger river to Dogon country | Apr 2010

Trip by 4x4 from Bamako to Mopti with a stop in Segou
Mopti day tour: visit Komoguel mosque, market, fishing port
Dogon country mini trekking
Tour of Sangha and other towns above and below Bandiagara escarpment
Day tour to Djenne: the mud-brick Great Mosque and monday market

Kamchatka tour: trekking on the volcanoes | Aug. 2010

Travel to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy and city tour
Cruise to Avacha Bay
Mutnovsky volcano trek
Goreily volcano trek
Geysers Valley helicopter tour in Kamchatka
Travel by road in Kamchatka from south to north
Tolbachik volcano trek
Tolbachik volcano southern cones excursion
Tour to Esso in the hearth of Kamchatka and visit to Russia Far East natives


Safari to Uganda searching for the rare mountain gorilla | Aug. 2010

Travel from Kampala to Murchison Falls and boat tour below the falls
Game drive safari in Murchison Falls National Park
Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Forest
Tour to Semiliki National park inside the African Rift Valley
Queen Elizabeth and Isasha sector game drive safari
Kazinga channel cruise sightseeing hippos, buffalos, elephants and birds
Gorilla trekking in Uganda to Bwindi impenetrable forest
Bunyonyi lake tour in southern Uganda
Mburo lake safari and birding trip


Trip to Ethiopia: the Danakil desert and the rock churches | Jan 2011

En route from Addis Ababa towards the Danakil desert in northern Ethiopia
Lake Afrera tour (also called lake Giulietti) in the Danakil desert
Erta Ale volcano excursion, visiting the summit crater currently in eruption
Travel from Erta Ale volcano to Dallol in the Danakil depression
Excursion to Dallol between active geysers and surreal acid lakes
Excursion to Yellow Lake and salt canyon in the Danakil desert
Travel with camel caravans to the salt flats in the Danakil desert
Trekking to Tigray in Ethiopia and tour to rock carved churches of Gheralta
Historic Ethiopia trip from Gondar to Axum via Debre Damos
Tour to Lalibela during the Coptic Christmas visiting the monolithic churches
Ethiopia lake Tana tour and excursion to Kidane Meret monastery


Trip to Denmark with tour of Copenhagen and day trip to Legoland

Day tour to Copenhagen with excursion to Tivoli Gardens
Trip to Legoland in Denmark and pictures of Billund Legoland
Weekend to Copenhagen and pictures of Copenhagen
Short trips to Copenhagen waiting for connecting flights


Iceberg cruise under the midnight sun to Ilulissat in Greenland | Jun 2011

Kangerlussuaq day tour

Iceberg cruise in Ilulissat, Greenland, under the midnight sun
Ilulissat tour and hiking along the ice fjord (Kangia)
Boat trip excursion from Ilulissat to Ilimanaq, Greenland
Tour to Ataa summer camp in northern Greenland
Day trip to Eqi Sermia Glacier in Greenland
Boat trip to Rodebay traditional village in Greenland
Greenland aerial pictures from Copenhagen to Ilulissat via Kangerlussuaq flight


Tour to New Zealand among pristine nature and nice landscapes

Bus tour from Auckland to Rotorua and Waimoto
Tour to geothermal area of Wai o Tapu in New Zealand
City tour to Auckland and excursion to New Zealand rain forest
Excursion from Auckland to Bay of Islands in New Zealand


Trip to Niue, an amazing little big island in the South Pacific | Aug 2011

Excursions to Niue - reef walking and secluded beaches
Trek to Palaha cave and Avaiki caves
Snorkeling to Limu Pools in Niue
Hike to Talava Arches and Matapa in Niue
Day tour to Togo Chasm and fossilized coral forest
Snorkeling with whales and swimming with dolhpins in South Pacific
Additional information and pictures about Niue island


Nature and archaeology in Jordan: a comprehensive trip

Day trip to Jerash ruins in Jordan
Relaxing vacation to the Dead Sea in Jordan
Excursion to Mount Nebo, St. George church, Kerak castle and Amman
Petra tour, the ancient Nabataean city in the Seven Wonders of the World
Excursion to Little Petra and hike to the High Place of Sacrifice in Petra
Trip to Wadi Rum desert in Jordan


Swim with whales in Tonga: an exciting snorkeling trip to South Pacific

Flying between Tonga islands and Tonga aerial photos
Matafonua Lodge review: our accommodation on Foa island (Haapai-Tonga)
Pictures of Tongan beaches in Ha'apai (Foa island) - southern Pacific ocean
Snorkeling with whales in Tonga - whales photos while swimming with them
Snorkeling pictures from Tonga - southern Pacific reef photos
Corals and other marine life in Tonga
Crabs - hermit crabs and fossil corals from Tonga
Day trip to Nuku'Alofa, Tonga's capital, and sightseeing trip on Tongatapu


Flower tour to Namaqualand and botanical trip to Richtersveld

Cape Town day tour to Cape of Good Hope, seal and African penguin colony
Pictures of spring flowers in South Africa along the Western Cape
Travelling to Namaqualand in flower - pictures of Aloe dichotoma forest
Pictures of flowers from Namaqualand during the short flowering season
Namaqualand flower tour: Namaqua National Park and the desert in bloom
Trip to Richtersveld desert in South Africa: geology and landscape photos
Pictures of Lithops, Conophytum and Aizoaceae - South African succulents
Pictures of Aloe from Richtersveld (Namaqualand) in South Africa
Stapelia and other Asclepiadaceae from Richtersveld (South Africa)
Pictures of succulents: Crassulaceae, Portulacaceae and Euphorbiaceae
Richtersveld flowers and other non-succulent plants: the blooming desert
Namaqualand wildlife - pictures of tortoises and birds


Liveaboard snorkeling cruise to Raja Ampat in Indonesia

Day trip to Jakarta and to Indonesia Miniature Park
Day trip from Jakarta to Bogor botanical gardens and Taman Safari Park
Our snorkeling cruise to Raja Ampat: Shakti boat
Photos of Raja Ampat islands seen from outside the water
Raja Ampat beaches and land excursions to the islands
Snorkeling and diving in Raja Ampat: the underwater landscape
Photos of sponges and crinoids from my snorkeling trip in Raja Ampat
Pictures of Ascidians and other tunicates found in Raja Ampat islands
Photos of hard corals from Raja Ampat in the coral triangle
Photos of soft corals in Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat pictures of nudibranchs, giant clams and other molluscs
Pictures of clown fish and damsel fish from Raja Ampat Indonesia
Pictures of other fish and turtles found while snorkeling in Raja Ampat